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Comments about our January 25 performance:
"Brilliant composition of music, percussion and dance....."
"Very nice! Congrats!"
"Do the good guys always wear white?"
"Dear Adrienne, yours was a bravura performance. Thank you so much for bringing this event to my attention. I loved every bit of the production. I had to run right afterwards so I wasn't able to congratulate you in person. You were brilliant (as was the rest of the company)."
"Thank you for sharing Sunday afternoon’s special and spectacular performance with us."
Next performance is Sunday August 30, 2015 at 4 PM at Southwestern University!

The Book of Goddesses in Music and Dance


Psophonia Dance Company and Chaski collaborate 
to perform Robert Paterson’s multidisciplinary work 
The Book of Goddesses with music and modern dance, bringing to life the beauty, power, and heritage of feminine deities from around the world.


About The Goddess Project

Three musicians, one composer, one choreographer and ten dancers embark on a journey of divine femininity inspired and brought together by the synergy of words and images from The Book of Goddesses by Kris Waldherr.  Grammy nominated composer, Robert Paterson's    score sets the tone for each movement aptly brought to life by Austin based musicians, Adrienne Inglis (flutist) and Shana Norton (harpist) of Chaski with guest percussionist and professor at Texas A & M Corpus Christi, Dr. Matthew McClung.  Houston choreographer and artistic director, Sophia L. Torres adds visual interest to the space with movement and dance.

Paterson's musical composition sprang from this beautifully illustrated book that highlights different goddesses from various cultures covering Greek mythology Tibetan folklore and Japanese legend.  Named after the book, The Book of Goddesses was on the Grammy® nomination ballot for Best Contemporary Classical Composition and was named one of the Top 10 favorite pieces of the year by NPR’s Best Music of 2012.

Paterson has graciously given permission to have the work reproduced for this project.  In conversations with the composer, he shared his original vision for the piece, which was that the music be performed live with choreographed dance. This collaboration will be the first full realization of that vision. Paterson is enthusiastic in his support for the project and is eagerly following its progress. He plans to attend at least one performance.

Want to hear more? Click Here The Making of the Book of Goddesses

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